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Band anyone?

I'm from Maryland. I live outside Baltimore. I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in playing drums or guitar in a band that would be politically motivated. The lyrics will be activist and i'd like to know if anyone is all for spreading egalitarianism through lyrics. Now i do plan on taking the message of the band into practice in life. I don't want you to be screaming about how much sexism or racism sucks and than proceed to not give a damn the next day after a show. I will be doing vocals and my friend volunteered to play bass or guitar. So if any of you can play bass or guitar or drums i'd be very happy to have you in the band. Skill is not an issue. I'd much rather have you agree with the message and suck ass than be great and be a racist prick. Other than that it's all up to you. Just email me at governmentskill@hotmail.com If you don't want to go that route with the email just im me at antipropagandha. I look forward to hearing from someone. Please i wanna get this started. I have a message that i want to get out because this is my last year before i leave for college.
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