Magic man, egocentric, plastic man (victor25) wrote in wearesopunk,
Magic man, egocentric, plastic man

panks nat ded

a. 5 of your favorite bands [it's not ALL about the music.]

The TTP Project! Haha, sip-sip. (I've only heard one song from them so I can't really say)

(no order)
The Ataris
Dropkick Murphys

b. 4 famous people you admire

Davey Havok
Andrew WK
Billy Joe Armstrong
Liam Lynch

c. 3 reasons why you should be accepted

I can completely seal my nostrils with my upper-lip (great for swimming and at time when the place really stinks)

I gave myself a mohawk, not because it's punk. But because it was the best thing to do when I found an electric razor, plus I was bored.

I started "Pass It On" and the "Jackass League" in Resalest (my old school)

d. 2 reasons why you shouldn't be accepted

I'll tell you to ditch whatever you're smoking when I enter a room.

I enjoy being a consumer, but I will refuse to pay more than 150 bucks for a shirt.

e. Complete this sentence: "Punk rock is __________." It can be as long or as short as you want.

Punk rock is kicking the shit out of each other and being stronger afterwards. It can also be found in my left shoe, and sometimes be dealt by my voice or my guitar. It's DIY at it's very best, it's also better than the generic crap our tv networds feed us.

f. A picture


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