carma. (misfitsfeindm25) wrote in wearesopunk,

actually.. we just cut out large random chunks. dont ask the last time i washed my hair :P

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i didnt let him shorten my random dreads.. :]

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whoa.. weird expression? kind of confused. yeah.. ok..

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that was a pretty large chunk from the center. its really fucking hard to take a picture from the back :P

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im SMILING. WHOA! a glimpse at the uneven-ness on my cheeks ;PPP

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i decided this picture hurts my eyes. and you? :P

take care, man
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you are oh so adorable! xoxo
awww! thanks<3
first of all i dont know where you guys are getting calling yourselfs punksi dont get it punk cultureand everything of that sort is ruined cause of dumb fucks like you guys thanks alot you wanna be worthless peices of shit. -someone who cares-
first of all, its called fucking punctuation. next, when did i say i was a punk. HA! yeah, ok.