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Punk rock is __________.
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We're not the_cool_kids, we're not all beautiful like the nonuglies_v2, and we're DEFINITELY not any of the_exalted.

We're the punk rock kids. However, not everyone is punk, as I'm sure you've realized. There's been a lot of bullshit that came with MTV's attempt to commercialize the scene. We can't stand to see that shit happen.

1. Join, so you can make your first post.

2. Your first post should include the ff:
     a. 5 of your favorite bands [it's not ALL about the music.]
     b. 4 famous people you admire
     c. 3 reasons why you should be accepted
     d. 2 reasons why you shouldn't be accepted
     e. Complete this sentence: "Punk rock is __________." It can be as long or as short as you want.
     f. A picture [optional, but it'd be nice if you put one.]

3. Stamped members and the moderators/maintainers will vote yes or no, and the majority of votes will decide your fate.

4a. If a majority of your votes are no, you will be banned.
4b. If a majority are yes, welcome to wearesopunk. Feel free to post about anything [within reason]: the show you went to the other night, your local scene, a new tshirt you got or a new zine you wrote.

5. If you feel it is necessary, use the lj-cut tag. Click here to learn how.

6. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. I cannot stress this enough. Applicants who flame people who vote "no" will be banned, depending on the situation.

This shit will get you banned:
1. Spam.
2. Commenting/voting on posts outside your own until you're accepted.
3. Not making the cut.

Some important notes:
1. If you don't care about joining, don't waste our time.
2. Don't be a fucking asshole about everything. If you don't like us, fine, but we don't give a shit.
3. Telling us what you think we want to hear will not get you in. We're more intelligent than people give us credit for.
4. We don't suffer from illusions of grandeur. We're different, and we like it that way.
5. Again, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. We cannot stress how important this is, as evidenced by our first post.

Owner: xunshin
Maintainer, Moderator: jazzxnazisxdie
Maintainer: vaguechaos
Moderator: demonstar

And now on with the show.