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12:11pm 20/07/2004

hey :] my friends and i have a site for the glbtq (gay, lesbian, bi, tran, questioning) folk! its just a profile site (like.. lsp, mrh etc.) :]]] you don't NEED to be gay or even QUESTIONING to join. :] we're trying to get more members!

take care and sign up! <3

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10:51pm 01/03/2004
  yeah.. so my friend billy cut my hair.. :PCollapse )

take care, man
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06:21pm 02/02/2004
  more pictures... cos im bored.

a tight tye dyed dress - she was a phychedelic messCollapse )
10:24pm 22/01/2004
  everyone should really try out for we_are_cool

that is... if... you know, you're cool enough... hehehe

we're chill. we don't have drama. and we don't bite! :] come on <3
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11:26pm 08/12/2003
mood: bored
Hey guys.

What have you been listening to lately? Help me out here, I'm going through a musical drought.
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06:21pm 22/10/2003
mood: optimistic
A. 5 Favorite Bands
1. System of a Down
2. A Fire Inside
3. Green Day
4. Disturbed
5. CKY

B. 4 Famous People I Admire
1. Bam Margera
2. Mike Myers
3. Wayne Gretzky
4. My Mom (cheesey i know, but the truth)

C. 3 Resons Why I Should Be Accepted
1. I have a sence of humor. (i know you guys stress that 'round here)
2. I feel I have alot to offer to the people involved in this community with my thoughts and idea's.
3. My attitude is always positive and I usually look a opinion or situation from 2 angles.

D. 2 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Be Accepted
1. I'm not a very organized person.
2. I usually get side-tracked from something.

E. Punk rock is...
Punk rock is a lifestyle.

F. Pic.
Sorry, scanners broken at the moment, but I'll try to get one AsAp. For a general picture of me I'm 15, a Sophmore at Camden Catholic Highschool in New Jersey. About 6'1 and 146 lbs.
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Oi! Psst! Oist! 
11:25am 03/12/2003
mood: up the punx!!1
Tight pants and the genitals of a generation -- View on the tight pants scene

Insta Punk Kit -- Conform, it's the norm.

11:41pm 28/09/2003
mood: pensive
a. Oasis, Brand New, Vendetta Red, Alkaline Trio, Glassjaw
b. David Hasselhoff, Jesus, Walt Disney, Will Ferrell.
c. I'm a real cool guy, I'm fun, and I'm nice! or something...
d. I like Britney Spears and American Eagle.
e. Punk rock is really sexy in tight leather pants.
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Show of hands? 
05:55pm 01/09/2003
  I propose adding the following interests: offending sensibilities, selling out, burning out, scenes versus communities, communities versus scenes, burning things, shows, heckling, dirty floors, venues, boys in girls clothes, girls in boys clothes, no fucking white belts, throwing rotten tomatoes, up the punks, eating trash and stubbing toes  
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11:14pm 25/08/2003
  This area is occupied by seventeen people right now but nobody posts anymore often than once every other week. In the interest of spicing things up, I've decided to write an entry.

I recently added porn free youth to my list of interests. I was shocked and appalled to find that every and I mean every other person with said interest is uber-frickin-christian. I am not. Also, the vast majority of these people had anti-abortion listed as an interest as well. Comes with the christian territory. I'd say that I'm curious what their reasons for listing anti-porn are, but again, I'm not. I'd be willing to bet that it has mostly to do with them being anti-premarital sex and not so anti-taking rights away from women. Oh, did I mention that they're all hardcore kids?

Which moves us a little closer to the issue that I really feel like presenting to this 11 interest, 17 people forum. The issue is whether or not your morals make you punk, or you being punk makes your morals. Currently I know many 'punks' who use mainstream porn, watch tons of tv, drink budweiser, smoke any random variety of big name tobacco and are absolutely considered by the punk rock community to be punk. Likewise, there are vegans, activists, feminists (at least people are slinging the word around a lot, personally very few of them pass muster in my eyes) and social workers. I believe the essence of punk rock is all about offending mainstream sensibilities. I'll bet even Johnny Rotten or the rotting corpses of the Ramones (that matter) would still stand by that statement at this point (fuck all that sellout talk, Malcolm this Malcolm that crap, credit where credit is due people). So how is jacking off to Jenna or any of her cohorts, drinking or generally not giving a fuck about the people or world around you, appearances of such included, punk? At this point the Christian kids have most other punk rockers beat in terms of being outsiders, at least up here in the northeast they do. At least they're empassioned.

The good thing about livejournal is its lack of formality. For instance, I'm just gonna end this here for now.

Much love to you all.
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02:54pm 25/08/2003
mood: accomplished
a. molasses, creation is crucifixion, his hero is gone, assuck, crass
b. emma goldman, john zerzan, jerry mander, and guy debord
c. i have a mohawk. i am a talentless vocalist in a shitty band. i listen to folk music.
d. i have a mohawk. i use the internet daily.
e. punk rock is a style of music
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05:07pm 17/08/2003

guess it's not as funny as it was when i thought it up. haha -_-'
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10:40pm 17/08/2003
  a. NoMeansNo, Sinead O'Connor, Anything Dave Smalley (excluding Down By Law and recent incarnations of bands that used to be good), The Miracles, Bob Barker Youth

b. Not necessarily admiration but appreciate nonetheless: Vladimir Mayakovsky, Frances McDormand, Ani DiFranco, William Blake

c. Accept me because I'm watching the (original) Cosby Show (circa his jogging suit intro) right now, I went to school in an era when wearing plaid chucks and having homemade tattoos got you beat up after school rather than elected prom king and I'm not going to blather on and on about who's fucking who.

d. I'm mostly joining because I'm curious to find out if I pass the test based on these five answers, using lj is a constant moral and social dilemma for me.

e. Punk rock is often trite as are the people who wear its banner and live their life by its vague political and social agenda but occassionally its really good-hearted motivated people with ideas bigger than a four letter word using music and shows as a forum for art, communication, community making, cooking good fucking food and general rocking out.
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02:16pm 11/08/2003
  How do we know if we are stamped to vote?  
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panks nat ded 
07:19pm 11/08/2003
  a. 5 of your favorite bands [it's not ALL about the music.]

The TTP Project! Haha, sip-sip. (I've only heard one song from them so I can't really say)

(no order)
The Ataris
Dropkick Murphys

b. 4 famous people you admire

Davey Havok
Andrew WK
Billy Joe Armstrong
Liam Lynch

c. 3 reasons why you should be accepted

I can completely seal my nostrils with my upper-lip (great for swimming and at time when the place really stinks)

I gave myself a mohawk, not because it's punk. But because it was the best thing to do when I found an electric razor, plus I was bored.

I started "Pass It On" and the "Jackass League" in Resalest (my old school)

d. 2 reasons why you shouldn't be accepted

I'll tell you to ditch whatever you're smoking when I enter a room.

I enjoy being a consumer, but I will refuse to pay more than 150 bucks for a shirt.

e. Complete this sentence: "Punk rock is __________." It can be as long or as short as you want.

Punk rock is kicking the shit out of each other and being stronger afterwards. It can also be found in my left shoe, and sometimes be dealt by my voice or my guitar. It's DIY at it's very best, it's also better than the generic crap our tv networds feed us.

f. A picture


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Band anyone? 
02:58pm 26/07/2003
mood: determined
I'm from Maryland. I live outside Baltimore. I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in playing drums or guitar in a band that would be politically motivated. The lyrics will be activist and i'd like to know if anyone is all for spreading egalitarianism through lyrics. Now i do plan on taking the message of the band into practice in life. I don't want you to be screaming about how much sexism or racism sucks and than proceed to not give a damn the next day after a show. I will be doing vocals and my friend volunteered to play bass or guitar. So if any of you can play bass or guitar or drums i'd be very happy to have you in the band. Skill is not an issue. I'd much rather have you agree with the message and suck ass than be great and be a racist prick. Other than that it's all up to you. Just email me at governmentskill@hotmail.com If you don't want to go that route with the email just im me at antipropagandha. I look forward to hearing from someone. Please i wanna get this started. I have a message that i want to get out because this is my last year before i leave for college.
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.you're fucked. 
01:13am 26/07/2003
  .now THIS guy knows what he's talking about.Collapse )

Anyone Interested From MA/RI area? 
07:43am 24/07/2003
  Singer looking to start snotty nonsence punk band.
Influences: Angry Samoans , NOFX , The Nobodys, GG Allin, Misfits , The Sleazies, Circle Jerks, Black Flag

Must be 21+ please
Hey who's cool? Oh yea.... not me.... damn 
08:29pm 23/07/2003
  All posting and such. Lets see if i'm cool enough to make the punk cut

A. My 5 favorite bands- I hate how hard this question is because to make a list seems exclusionary to me but i'll do it anyway
Flux of pink indians
Against Me!
Bikini Kill

B. 4 people I admire- hmm... i've always liked the phrase kill your idols. But let's go with some people i respect alot
Murray Bookchin- ecoanarchist
Kathleen Hannah- feminist (and lead singer of Bikini Kill) NOT womynist i love feminism
Jello Biafra- lead singer of the Kennedys but you all knew that and anarchist of course
Slavoj Zizek- Slovenian philosopher that makes fun of people that mindlessly resist things great guy oh and a dirty commie which i love about him

C. 3 reasons why i should be accepted- Hmm... i'm loving the exclusionary tactic that's goin on here but i will proceed to play the game
1. Because i'm a dirty anarcho-commie without a home and i need one...:-( and you people seem like you like my activist kind :-)
2. Because i'm a male feminist and it's always fun to have someone to laugh at, and i don't get offended when people make fun of my pansyness (if that's a word)
3. Because i'm a vegan and everyone hates me and i want friends. Haha i kid. But i am a vegan and i know it's becoming cool for the punk kids to do that stuff so i'd be glad to help you all out with that decision.

D. 2 reasons why i shouldn't be accepted- oh i have so many
1. I do annoying stuff like spell womyn, persyn, and humyn with a y. Yea it's my dirty feminism kicking in.
2. Because i'm extremely vocal about all that stuff i put up there for why you should accept me. I WILL go off on rants about the government and i WIlLL go onn on rants about the patriarchal nature of a masculinist hegemonic society and the rammifications of our hierarchal stance towards nature and of course about the massive implications of our statist capitalist society and how each and everyone of us are oppressed by a system in which we have no say.

E. Punk rock is ?
Music. The type that i like tends to be loud and fast. Punk rock is music but those who enjoy it should take the lyrics that it promotes to heart and spread them through the rest of society.

F. I may get on it later when i have a pic of me that isn't at a debate tournament because i look like a dirty capitalist in my damn pic. I hate my school that makes me wear that shit.

I hope to make it in because i love discussions and trust me i stay active in communities.
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05:17pm 22/07/2003
  a. 5 of your favorite bands
this guestions always a tuffy...
oi polloi
hudson falcons
class assassins (i don't know if they're my favorite, but i've been listening to them alot lately)
banner of hope
perhaps 'fate 2 hate'?

b. 4 famous people you admire
i don't admire anyone, but if i must:
joe hill
michail bakunin
probably gurlie flynn
anyone who actually knows who those 3 ppl are...

c. 3 reasons why you should be accepted
you mean into this community? to be honest, i don't really give a damn. if i'm accepted or not doesn't change my life at all. but, for the sake of playing the game...
i like punkrock
you like ppl who like punk rock
how else are you gunna hear my opinions?

d. 2 reasons why you shouldn't be accepted
'cause if i find out any of you are nazis, you're gunna get shanked
i don't much like rules. i'm sure i'll end up breaking some of them.
e. Complete this sentence: "Punk rock is __________."
...knowing who you are and being proud of it...turnig tennage rebelion into adult defiance... fighting the evils of the world, and still being able to smile... cold beer and good friends... knowing that even if we don't see eye to eye, we can still be friends (unless you're a racist, then you can fuck off)... making no compromises... but most importantly, punk rock is something that you can't just fill in the blank with or confine to a rack at hot topic. you feel it inside of you. it permiates from your being like a really bad smell that everyone hates, except those who have the same odor(it's a bad analogy, but you get the idea).
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