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Hey who's cool? Oh yea.... not me.... damn

All posting and such. Lets see if i'm cool enough to make the punk cut

A. My 5 favorite bands- I hate how hard this question is because to make a list seems exclusionary to me but i'll do it anyway
Flux of pink indians
Against Me!
Bikini Kill

B. 4 people I admire- hmm... i've always liked the phrase kill your idols. But let's go with some people i respect alot
Murray Bookchin- ecoanarchist
Kathleen Hannah- feminist (and lead singer of Bikini Kill) NOT womynist i love feminism
Jello Biafra- lead singer of the Kennedys but you all knew that and anarchist of course
Slavoj Zizek- Slovenian philosopher that makes fun of people that mindlessly resist things great guy oh and a dirty commie which i love about him

C. 3 reasons why i should be accepted- Hmm... i'm loving the exclusionary tactic that's goin on here but i will proceed to play the game
1. Because i'm a dirty anarcho-commie without a home and i need one...:-( and you people seem like you like my activist kind :-)
2. Because i'm a male feminist and it's always fun to have someone to laugh at, and i don't get offended when people make fun of my pansyness (if that's a word)
3. Because i'm a vegan and everyone hates me and i want friends. Haha i kid. But i am a vegan and i know it's becoming cool for the punk kids to do that stuff so i'd be glad to help you all out with that decision.

D. 2 reasons why i shouldn't be accepted- oh i have so many
1. I do annoying stuff like spell womyn, persyn, and humyn with a y. Yea it's my dirty feminism kicking in.
2. Because i'm extremely vocal about all that stuff i put up there for why you should accept me. I WILL go off on rants about the government and i WIlLL go onn on rants about the patriarchal nature of a masculinist hegemonic society and the rammifications of our hierarchal stance towards nature and of course about the massive implications of our statist capitalist society and how each and everyone of us are oppressed by a system in which we have no say.

E. Punk rock is ?
Music. The type that i like tends to be loud and fast. Punk rock is music but those who enjoy it should take the lyrics that it promotes to heart and spread them through the rest of society.

F. I may get on it later when i have a pic of me that isn't at a debate tournament because i look like a dirty capitalist in my damn pic. I hate my school that makes me wear that shit.

I hope to make it in because i love discussions and trust me i stay active in communities.
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