merkur (merkur) wrote in wearesopunk,


a. NoMeansNo, Sinead O'Connor, Anything Dave Smalley (excluding Down By Law and recent incarnations of bands that used to be good), The Miracles, Bob Barker Youth

b. Not necessarily admiration but appreciate nonetheless: Vladimir Mayakovsky, Frances McDormand, Ani DiFranco, William Blake

c. Accept me because I'm watching the (original) Cosby Show (circa his jogging suit intro) right now, I went to school in an era when wearing plaid chucks and having homemade tattoos got you beat up after school rather than elected prom king and I'm not going to blather on and on about who's fucking who.

d. I'm mostly joining because I'm curious to find out if I pass the test based on these five answers, using lj is a constant moral and social dilemma for me.

e. Punk rock is often trite as are the people who wear its banner and live their life by its vague political and social agenda but occassionally its really good-hearted motivated people with ideas bigger than a four letter word using music and shows as a forum for art, communication, community making, cooking good fucking food and general rocking out.
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