merkur (merkur) wrote in wearesopunk,

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Show of hands?

I propose adding the following interests: offending sensibilities, selling out, burning out, scenes versus communities, communities versus scenes, burning things, shows, heckling, dirty floors, venues, boys in girls clothes, girls in boys clothes, no fucking white belts, throwing rotten tomatoes, up the punks, eating trash and stubbing toes
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i agree to them all.. except:
boys in girls clothes
girls in boys clothes
I'm curious what your reasons for objecting to those two items are.
i dont know... it seems so... scene-kid-ish... ya know?

i mean, dont get me wrong... i love skinny punk rock boys in small ass pants.. but.. i dunno.. well, you know what! whatever :P its not my community.. sorry for saying that :/

plus, who doesn't love a tomboy ;]

I imagine these people will have to approve and enter the interests.

Owner: xunshin
Maintainer, Moderator: jazzxnazisxdie
Maintainer: vaguechaos
Moderator: demonstar

So lets get a good show of hands and see if these kind folk will add them.

LJ aint letting me post as merkur. So I'm letting you know, this is merkur. I don't like anonynimity.
i'm okay with adding all that stuff. i would add "conversational terrorism" to the list, but i think that sort of falls in "offending sensibilities" already.
.i'm okay with all of that. :)
Thank you.
Hey! What's wrong with white belts? Puta naman oh.